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What Precisely Is Famanon?

Families Anonymous is a world-wide fellowship of family members and friends who have been affected by another's abuse of mind-altering substances or related behavioural problems. Fam Anon offer support groups gatherings, on a regular basis, throughout the country. Even if the issue is only suspected, any worried individual is stimulated to attend these gatherings.

Fam Anon was established by a group of families in America in 1971. In 1980 the first group in London was founded now there are over 50 groups holding meetings in various parts of the country.

The Fellowship is a self improvement association which has program of 12 Steps and 12 Traditions initially detailed by Alcoholics Anonymous.

How Can It Help?

The aim of the group is to provide mutual support and to offer a forum where experience and anxieties can be shared to family and friends of people with current suspected or former drug problem. The group members learn how to live with the issues that are affecting their lives.

Best assistance for individuals fighting to drop drug addiction comes from the love of family and friends

Embracing a straight and unwavering approach with the addict is what members learn when they attend these gatherings. Him/her realised that he/she needs help to live without drugs.

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For The Professional Society

Peer group pressure in society causes prevalent use of drugs leading to catastrophic effect on families and friends of drug users if the situation is not controlled. This is so difficult for those who have children's, families or loved ones using drugs and dependent on drugs, they become emotionally, physically and mentally unstable. The loved ones observe miserably watch them suffer and it's really to manage this situation. There is assistance for parents, spouses, cousins and friends in Families Anonymous.

Families Anonymous (FamAnon) is a fellowship based on self-help that has spread across the world in which loved ones of drug addicts and those with behavioural issues gather. Fam Anon was established in 1971 in UK by the cooperation of groups families of Los Angeles. It is based on Twelve Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous. They started their first group in London in 1980, and now around 50 groups are working in different areas of UK.

Main emphasis of Fam Anon program is support of families to adjust and cope with addiction. They help them and bring them back to their lives and live normally.

Families Anonymous works in different ways. Sharing usual issues is the cornerstone of power for it. For meetings and memberships are free of cost. Fam Anon doesn't accept or request any money from outside bodies. Volunteers run the office and contributions from meetings and sale of Fam Anon literature cover the day to day office management running costs.

Fam Anon is a anonymous program where just first names are utilised.

Members learn how to come to terms with the problem that is disturbing their lives in the Fam Anon group.

Attendants at meetings discover the secret of openness and consistency in handling addiction. As a result of this, drug abusers often decide to search for help as they start to want to live drug-free life.

Experience has revealed that help for the drug-dependent person means help for the family and friends.

Professional who are in the best position to reach people in pain and who might not otherwise hear about FamAnon, we have copies of any relevant literature available in quality at minimum charges for you.